We launched BakkenBlog when only a few wells produced Bakken oil in northwestern North Dakota. At that time, 2007, ‘The Bakken’ was little known outside Mountrail County.

Now, seven years later, development of the Bakken (BAH-ken) and Three Forks oil/gas formations—underlying much of western North Dakota plus broad areas of Montana and Saskatchewan—has dramatically altered not only local economies but has positively changed the nation’s energy outlook.

North Dakota's oil and gas fields continue growing and producing as rapidly as labor, materials, housing, transportation and state permitting allow—fueled by innovative drilling and extracting technologies, demand, and favorable crude prices.



January 28-29: Denver, CO. Bakken-Niobrara Crude Congress

February 18-19: Houston, TX. Horizontal Drilling Cost-Reduction Initiative 2015

The Bakken: “largest continuous oil accumulation ever assessed by the USGS”

United States Geological Survey

North Dakota Oilfield Employment:
Guide to finding a job and
working in North Dakota’s oilfields

Job Service North Dakota

Veterans to Energy

Jobs for veterans in the
oil and gas industry

North Dakota drilling permits

BakkenBlog provides information about Bakken and Three Forks energy development in the changing economy of northwestern North Dakota. We don’t affiliate with other websites (other than through linking) nor are we affiliated with the energy industry. We tend to leave speculation and opinion to others.

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